I’m currently a Leverhulme postdoc at the Natural History Museum in London, where I’m living with my wife and son. Prior to this I have also completed a postdoc at the University of Oxford and was also previously a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the NHM too.

I am a palaeobiologist interested in the evolutionary history of vertebrate diversity. My research spans from quantitative studies of macroevolution and 3D scanning/morphometrics to more traditional palaeontological descriptions, phylogenetics, behavioural and anatomical research.

My major research interest is secondarily aquatic tetrapods, primarily marine mammals. I aim to understand the patterns and processes driving the evolution of animals who have returned to an aquatic lifestyle, using them as an evolutionary experiment to test biological hypotheses. My current research is a project analysing macroevolutionary patterns in marine mammals. I am a strong advocate of science communication to all age groups and enjoy informing the public about the wonders of the natural world.